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Beautiful Angel (chant trad.)

Guardian Angel from Heaven so bright,
watching beside me to lead me aright,
fold thy wings round me, O guard me with love,
softly sing songs to me of Heav'n above.

     R/ Beautiful Angel, my guardian so mild,
     tenderly guide me, for I am thy child.

Angel so holy whom God sends to me -
sinful and lowly - my guardian to be,
wilt thou not cherish the child of thy care?
Let me not perish - my trust is thy pray'r.

     Beautiful Angel...

O may I never forget thou art near;
but keep me ever, in love and in fear.
Waking and sleeping, in labour and rest,
in thy sweet keeping my life shall be blessed.

     Beautiful Angel...

Angel, dear Angel oh, close by me stay;
Safe from harm shield me, all ill keep away
Then thou wilt lead me when this life is o'er
To Jesus and Mary to praise evermore.


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